The CherryblossomGin


The CherryblossomGin - a true, exclusive "small batch" Gin - is distilled amongst thousands of cherry trees in the beautiful Eggenertal a valley in the Black Forest region of Germany. Due to the maximum capacity of the small private distillery, now in its third generation, each batch is limited to a maximum of 160 bottles (0.5 l each). Our gin is manually filled into the square designer bottle, labelled and numbered.

The taste

CherryblossomGin convinces with an intense juniper aroma, a light, refreshing citrus note, coriander, cherry blossom and the aroma of local herbs. The individual components are perfectly matched. It has an intensly spicy and prolonged finish.

The Gin is not filtered, that's how we harvest the full aroma of our botanicals. The remaining essential oils cause slight turbidity, benefiting the aroma, making this gin totally unique. The water used for the CherryblossomGin comes from a natural spring with its source in the local mountain, the Blauen.

The enjoyment

The Markgräfler CherryblossomGin with its 45% ABV. is the perfect gin for the classic "gin and tonic" and to enjoy neat. In cocktails it convinces with its clear presence.

It harmonises perfectly with classic tonics such as 1724, Fever-Tree or Thomas Henry. Experienced gin drinkers should definitely try it with a Dry Tonicwater (we especially like mixing it with Schweppes Dry). For Gin "novices" we recommend a slightly sweeter tonic water.

Have fun experimenting!

The bottle

What to do... Delicious content, the bottle must surely have something to offer, too.
We were searching for OUR bottle for a long time.
Clearly, it should definitely not be the typical pharmacy bottle, but something with a little more design. It should also stand out from all the other bottles....
and offer space for an unusually shaped label.

Our designer had something in mind. A bottle shape she had seen somewhere in a dark bar in Tuscany. Since our designer is as stubborn, concerning the quality of her designs, as Helmut is when it comes to his spirits, all the relevant websites had to be searched.

And one day it was found: Our bottle.
Italian design.
Clear. Square. Beautiful.
And stackable.

Finally found!

The bottles


Our miniatures

We think that our small bottles - especially in a triple pack - make a very tasteful gift.

Our miniatures

Our Mariele

The logo of the distillery and the Gin lable should be adorned with a markgräfler lady, preferably beautiful and traditional. Here begins another family story. Our designer, a true and passionate Eggener girl herself, unearthed an old postcard of her grandmother's cousin. What follows is a little like a Marilyn Monroe tragedy...

Our Mariele

Marie, the lady on our label, grew up in Obereggenen with her grandmother (the great-great-grandmother of our designer) and, according to stories, was already an advertising icon. As the "most beautiful Markgräflererin" more than a hundred years ago, she was already pictured in school books as the face of the Markgräflerland (the region of Germany between Freiburg and Basel, covering the Rhein Valley and parts of the Black Forest) on postcards and also on packs of pasta. She died of tetanus in 1898 at the age of just 21, after an injury she sustained whilst milking.

The bouquet of artificial lily-of-the-valley, which her desperate fiancé placed on her grave, survived for many decades in the family's attic.

Isn't that incredibly romantic?


The Spring

Gin doesn't emerge from the stills "ready made". It drips out of the tap with up to 80% ABV. Now it must be brought to the desired strength for drinking. This is exactly 45% ABV for our CherryblossomGin. Not too strong but enough to wonderfully enhance the aroma of the botanicals.

This water does not just come from the mains water pipe, but from a natural spring with its source in the local mountain, the Blauen, which makes our gin EVEN better.


The Price

The 0.5 l bottle of our CherryblossomGin
costs 37.99 EUR.

Markgräfler Spezialitätenbrennerei

Tradition, Expertise and Passion

As early as 1912, the grandfather of today's "master distiller" Helmut installed a schnapps distillery during the construction of his house and distilled the traditional schnapps from the fruits of the Eggenertal. Father Willi continued this tradition and, even as a young boy, Helmut was always in the distillery when his father distilled the schnapps. When Willi died in 1991, Helmut, at the age of 42, took over the distillation rights and in 1996 he had the old distilling utensils removed from his parents' house and reinstalled in his new property - a little vamped up and brought up to date.

In 2012 the old distillery became obsolete and a new, modern Holstein distillery was installed.

In 2017 the distillery moved into a new, small building, where tastings will take place soon.

Helmut, master distiller of the Markgräfler speciality distillery, is 100% passionate and proficient. Good is not good enough for him and one of his favourite sayings is: "Nid schlächt isch z' liederig" (translated: "not bad is rubbish"). In addition to countless fine brandies produced from old apple varieties, he has created three new premium spirits:
The hazelnut schnapps, whose nougat notes melt in your mouth, a hibiscus spirit, whose exotic notes let the mind wander into the distance and - last but not least - the CherryblossomGin. Honest, spicy and unfiltered: a real Markgräfler.

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